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ONA 2011 conference – top takeaways

I am now one week into a three-month research visit to the US (I’m hoping I will have more time to blog now that I am not teaching). The University of Maryland has been kind enough to host me and I will be using my time here to research users of American participatory journalism sites.… Continue reading ONA 2011 conference – top takeaways

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News sites that ‘get’ participation part II

In response to my last blog post on sites showcasing great participation techniques I received a lot of suggestions on Twitter. I thought I would continue the list here – with those that were suggested. Blottr – aggregator and site based on community contribtuions What’s trending – a similar idea to The Stream on Al… Continue reading News sites that ‘get’ participation part II

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News sites that ‘get’ audience participation

One of the many reasons that I have been so slack with updating the blog is the nervous breakdown that is referred to as a PhD. My research is focusing on motivations for users of news sites. In particular, I am interested in different models of audience participation. As part of this research I am… Continue reading News sites that ‘get’ audience participation

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Why should regional media embrace online?

What’s more important embracing change or protecting current revenues? This may seem like an old question. A question which has been debated in the media industry to death – should we embrace the new opportunities offered by the digital media landscape or protect current revenue makers- traditional media. In fact many have debated that attempts… Continue reading Why should regional media embrace online?

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First success in a new form of investigative journalism

Help Me investigate, a trial of a platform for crowdsourcing investigative journalism, based in the UK’s West Midlands has had its first investigation published. I have previously blogged about this exciting project and it’s interesting to see some results. Given my recent discussion about journalists and not-for-profits funding journalism and the major news organisations reaping the… Continue reading First success in a new form of investigative journalism

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News like porn – the ongoing ‘charging for online news’ debate

The queen of blogs, Arianna Huff, has continued the pay for online news debate – reopened by Murdoch a few weeks ago –  by claiming: Unless you’re selling porn — especially weird porn — I would not go the subscription route. That is of course unless people want news like they want porn, something News… Continue reading News like porn – the ongoing ‘charging for online news’ debate