Start reading Chris Anderson’s Free

Because it’s free… the whole point of his argument really. Yes that’s right the Messiah of online business models has a new book and it is available for free online (to read or embed – see embedded book below). My Twitter was alive with people sending the link and Paul Bradshaw (always with his finger on the pulse) has posted sections on his blog as well.

Anderson’s previous novel The Longtail grew from work he did for Wired.  It showed the power of a new economic model for the media, which centred on the potential of unlimited selection and the huge opportunities in niche markets.

I agree with Paul, in my brief look through this morning, the latest book seems to be better, expanding on the concept and moving into a range of broader ideas.

FREE (full book) by Chris Anderson

Take a look and let me know what you think. I will no doubt be blogging more on these concepts in the future.

2 thoughts on “Start reading Chris Anderson’s Free

  1. Hey, thanks for the post and the link. I recently wrote a little review on Chris Anderson’s essay, taken from the book. I’m a bit critical of him and his magazine. They praise technology and new business models, while forgetting that some of us won’t be able to catch up/afford it. See

    1. Hi Sebastian,

      Thanks for your link. You certainly make some interesting points. One of the main things I like about Chris Anderson’s work is he is looking at the medium and then at the business model to follow – not just trying to squeeze an existing business model onto a new medium. I think that at this stage this is what we need, more thoughts about possibilities and from that a ‘Google’ solution, for want of a better phrase, will eventually emerge.

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