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Social media best practice for bloggers

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about social media and bloggers of late. I’ve been involved in a research project that has been exploring entrepreneurial journalism (innovative ways for journalism to be presented in the future), which includes bloggers, and I have been focusing on what makes them successful. It is of course no… Continue reading Social media best practice for bloggers

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Adding quick interactivity – GoogleMaps and Timelines

The final set of links for a training session with APN journalists. GoogleMaps and interactive timelines are quick and easy ways that you can add interactivity to a story. For a story that is geographically-based, GoogleMaps is a free and easy tool to use. All you need is a Google account and you are ready… Continue reading Adding quick interactivity – GoogleMaps and Timelines

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The death of the blog

It’s occurred to me that I have too many bad habits that make me feel incredibly guilty. But before you start thinking of me in this fabulously debauched rockstar lifestyle, I should say that my sparse blogging is one of those bad habits. Keith Richards eat your heart out, I know. But the fact is… Continue reading The death of the blog