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Effective blogging for medical writers

I’ll be in Melbourne next week running a workshop for the Australian Medical Writers’ Association on blogging (very excited about getting back down to Melbourne town!). Below are the notes that will be used in the course.

A special thanks for Melissa Sweet from the Croakey Blog who pointed out some of the blogging examples used below.


Why blog?
Blogging enables a fast and effective way of reaching your audience. It allows you to be more conversational, personal and interact with your audience.
These examples help show different ways to use a blog presence:


Pump Handle

Health News Review

Advocacy and Organisational

University of Maryland Medical Center

Brisbane Times


Justin Colean

Green GP



List of Australian GP Bloggers


Need some inspiration for a blog post…

From Paul Bradshaw: 12 ideas for blog posts


Adding an image to your blog

The internet is a visual medium so you try to add a visual element to each post.

You can upload an image that you have saved on your computer but I suggest that you organise to store all of your images

Make an account on Flickr; you can upload photos, write captions, and organize them in a free account, or gain additional options for an annual subscription fee.

When using other people’s images ensure you comply by their Creative Commons license.

–       Cover adding someone else’s image and Creative commons

–       * Remember your images must be 72dpi when you are using them online.


Adding video to your blog

The easiest way to get your video online is to upload it to one of the free video viewing sites, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

The instructions for embedding a YouTube video in your blog post.


Getting noticed in the blogoshpere

Know your audience: also has built-in statistics tracking, but as you get more advanced you may want to use more detailed tools

Use of Google Analytics or Site Meter enhances your understanding of your blog’s audience.


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