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My toolbox of must have apps

Photo by by OZinOH
Photo by by OZinOH

I love a great app or tool that can make my life more organised. As you can guess I spend a lot time online, whether in front of my computer or my phone or Ipad, so anything that helps me be more productive or is just generally entertaining is a must have. I was over reading @prkrg’s blog (another journalism educator and general online nerd like me) and found her list of digital tools which inspired me to share my own.

These are the tools that I use to streamline my productivity and generally make the most of my iPhone and iPad.


DropBox: I use this application to sync files between the multiple computers I use at home and at the office. It ensures that I am never without the document that I need. It is also a great way to share files without clogging your email.

Evernote: I use Evernote to archive notes, emails or items from webpages I want to be able to search and access later.

Delicious: This is a social bookmarking website that allows you to bookmark all sites under an easy referencing system called tags. Think of it like your Favourites or Bookmarks in your internet browser, but that is easily searchable and accessible from any computer. It also has great add-ons that you can download to your browser that make it easy to save and search all of your bookmarks.

Feedly: I read literally of hundreds of different blogs and news websites. If I tried to visit each one individually each day there wouldn’t be much time for anything else. Feedly lets you subscribe to your favourite websites so new content comes to one website when it’s posted and displays them in a nice online magazine format. Feedly keeps track of which things you’ve read so that when you only see unread items when you come back. I used to use Google Reader, but now with it shutting down I have moved to Feedly.

Keeper: I have so many passwords and it can be hard to keep track of them when I constantly have to update them.  So I keep them all with the Keeper app so they are always with me on my phone.

SlideShare:  This site provides an easy way to share presentations with others. You also can use SlideShare to generate code to embed a presentation into your website.

Social Media

Twitter: Nothing beats Twitter for staying across information and reaching out to those who operate in a similar professional space. I also love that there are so many great applications for using Twitter more effectively. You can find a whole range of these saved to my Delicious account and I have also listed a few of my favourites here:

Twazzup – real-time news platform.

TweetDeck – a desktop social media manager.

Picfog.com – is a real-time image search powered by twitter and twitpic. Find images as they are posted on Twitter.

Twitpic – find pics

TweetTabs – Real-time trends and search

TrendsMap – Real-time mapping of Twitter trends across the world

Tagdef – definitions of hashtags

bit.ly – URL shortener

Instagram: I love Instagram because it lets me delude myself that I can actually take great pictures using my phone. It is also a great tool for journalists to not only source images by using a tool to search Instagram effectively, but also for crowdsourcing content from the audience. .

Flickr: Need an image fast? Flickr has the largest library of creative commons images.

LinkedIn: Essentially an online CV, but it is a great way to keep in touch with past work colleagues and associates.

Pinterest: I love Pinterest so much. I love to pin shoes, clothes and beautiful homes. So yes, I don’t really use it for professional purposes, but I get great enjoyment from it.


ABC News: In Australia, the best (most useful and visually appealling news app) is ABC News. I love that I can set my iPhone alarm so that it wakes me with my local ABC station or Radio National. It is also the best place for breaking news.

The Age iPad App: This could easily be the Sydney Morning Herald iPad App – but I am from Melbourne. This is the most visually appealing iPad app for a newspaper in the Australia market.

Wired Magazine iPad App: I love the magazine and I love the way it has embraced the iPad user experience.

Kindle: I read a lot of books and I mean a lot – at least two or three a week. So I like to be able to get my hands on a new book immediately. Kindle, for me offers the best Ipad reading experience. I like the interface and it seems to have so many more books the iBooks.

BorrowBox: This is a new one for me. My local library has just introduced BorrowBox which lets me download audio books as a loan onto my phone. I like to listen to books when I’m driving to work or running.

Video and Audio

Spotify:  Find just about any music you want, create playlists and listen to it all from your computer or phone. This has almost replaced iTunes for me now.

Voddio: Capture and edit audio and video on the go with your iPhone. I particularly like this app because it allows you to monitor the sound quality as you are recording.

This really can’t be a static list. There are always new and exciting apps that I am finding. I’d also love to know what tools you can’t do without.

5 thoughts on “My toolbox of must have apps

  1. A really great app is called Toolbox for Pages. It’s available to download for free on the Mac App Store. For the iPad, you might be impressed by the Martha Stewart Craft Studios. It’s a great app for making cards and photo albums.

  2. Can you believe the CEO and co-founder of Pinterest – Ben Silbermann – is as young as 30! It’s always refreshing to see another young online start-up do so well. Maybe you should start up your own app, Renee. iBarnes sounds rational.

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