Blogging in an election year

blogAs soon as an election is announced attention isn’t just turned to the major parties and their leaders, but also the media. How are the major players portrayed? How are the issues covered?  And sometimes whether they are actually covered at all. Then as we get closer to poll day speculation turns to how ‘plugged in’ are our journalists are to the feelings of the populous. This critique of the media appears to be on the increase and certainly over the past few elections criticism has been leveled at our major media players for not providing appropriate analysis and instead focusing on overblown scandals and personal attacks. There has also been much criticism following election night of the mainstream media’s interpretation of which party is resonating with the Australian public.

Where then can the Australian public turn to get alternative commentary during an election year? Much attention has been paid to the potential for blogging to reinvigorate civic engagement, but is that potential being realised? I intend to analyse coverage on Australia’s independent political blogs and compare it with mainstream media coverage. Are the issues covered in more detail? To what extent do these blogs rely on mainstream media coverage? Are these blogs impacting upon the national news agenda?

I’d love to know which Australian political blogs, if any, you regularly turn to for alternative commentary…

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