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Getting started in blogging as a journalist

Tomorrow I will be running a course for the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance on blogging for journalists. In my mind the biggest issue for journalists deciding to blog is determining what is their ultimate goal – why are they blogging? Is it to engage with the digital medium? Is it to market themselves and their work? It is create an online portfolio? Once this crucial question is answered then it becomes easier to start adapting the blog format to their needs. This is generally not something that a lot of thought is given to. But it is only after this question is answered can any real work begin.

Below are some links and resources that might help you answer that question and then develop your blog accordingly.

Entrepreneurial: Lady Melbourne

Specialisation and Profile:


Josephine Moulds

Some additional resources

A post that will run you through the basics of setting up a blog.

A pdf file  and story on using a blog as an online portfolio.

Have a look at Craig Stolz, formerly a journalist at The Washington Post, has been blogging for one year. His post on the things he has learnt blogging is very useful

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