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Adding quick interactivity – GoogleMaps and Timelines

The final set of links for a training session with APN journalists.

GoogleMaps and interactive timelines are quick and easy ways that you can add interactivity to a story.

For a story that is geographically-based, GoogleMaps is a free and easy tool to use. All you need is a Google account and you are ready to go. Google also provides great instructional videos, to help you create your maps.

Dipity is a fantastic online interactive timeline tool. After creating your first three timelines for free, you can continue with accounts that start from $4.95 per month. Check out how the Seattle Times used Dipity in its coverage of police shootings. One of the things I like most about Dipity is the flexibility it gives you for how your timeline can be displayed – in a list, traditional timeline, map or flipbook. Dipity also has a number of instructional videos, which can help you make the most of its features.

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