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What gets you excited about online journalism?

It is the beginning of semester and so I try to fill my first few lectures with lots of inspiring examples of exceptional storytelling online. Here are some of my favourite stories that I have collected over the years.

  • An interactive, that incorporates multimedia and showcases what you can do with a breaking news story:  The Guardian Middle East unrest
  • The power of involving your audience before you even publish the story and how to present data heavy stories in an engaging manner: The Guardian MP expenses
  • Another example of a data story that is presented in such a dynamic and engaging way: LA Times LA homicides
  • An oldy, but a goody. How a broad issue can be covered using a multimedia package: Wall Street Journal The rise of rural India
  •  The power and beauty of the audio slideshow to tell a story: NY Times: Platoon Ambush
  • The use of a timeline to let a user navigate the complex background to a story:The Guardian Path to Arab protests

It’s interesting that the favourites I turn to again and again are all international. I do have a few Australian examples that I use, but none have really captured the imagination of just what is possible so well.

What about you? Do you have any favourite and inspiring online journalism examples?

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