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Mojo and Asia Pacific journalists

I recently had the opportunity to do some training with fellows from the Asia Pacific Journalism Centre on mobile journalism. Many of the participating journalists, from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji and East Timor, face incredible constraints to their reporting including limited and very expensive access to internet and mobile phone coverage. But despite this, they were all enthused and positive about the impact these tools could have on their reporting in the future. A marked contrast to some Australian journalists I meet, who without facing any of these constraints, refuse to engage with the rapidly evolving field of online and mobile journalism – I might add.

Armed with the  iPhone 4, we shot video interviews and recorded audio interviews and podcasts. We used Qik, Audioboo and also made use of the great iPhone WordPress app. Qik is one of the most popular video mobile applications that enables you to take a video and upload it to the Qik website. It also has a live streaming option, that has endless possibilities for newsrooms. Audioboo is a similar, but for audio. It allows the recording of five minute audio clips, which can be quickly uploaded and embedded into news stories much like YouTube videos.

Take a look at some the fellows work:

Video interviews


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