Best iPad apps

Continuing in my thrall for the iPad, I thought I would outline what I have found to be the best iPad apps.

1. Kindle for Ipad: This is by far the best e-reader app available. It has the largest selection of books for Australian readers and is cheaper than iBooks. It has great highlighting and dictionary options.

2. Zinio: This is a great app that enables you to get magazine subscriptions on your iPad. The number of Australian magazines available on iPad is still minimal, but with Zinio I can subscribe to Frankie Magazine (which I adore!) and there are a number of great US subscriptions.

3. Tweetdeck: I use Tweetdeck on my desktop computer and the iPad app is just as great for managing your Twitter account.

4. Dropbox: A document cloud device. I save everything there anyway and now I can use it to easily access my documents on my iPad.

5. Office HD: This app is compatible with Dropbox, so I can view and Word or excel document saved in my Dropbox folder. I can edit those files using the app or create new excel or word files. Office HD doesn’t enable you to view, create or edit Powerpoint files though. I haven’t used my iPad yet for presentations so would love to hear some suggestions.

6. Evernote: This is a handy app to use for taking notes (I use it a lot during conferences). You can also take clips of a webpages or screenshots. Install on your phone and you can save pictures as well. The best things is you can then search via titles, tags or keywords. I used to be a compulsive post it note writer – I use this instead now.

7. ABC News: Our national broadcaster is leading the way in making its content relevant for the online and mobile medium. With this app I can personalise exactly what stories I want and can view text, audio and video. You can even stream ABC News 24.

8. Flipboard: Using this app I can create my own personalised newspaper. Select from feeds from traditional and online publications as well as your Twitter and Facebook news feeds, then Flipboard arranges the content so that you can navigate it like your own online news website.

9. The Guardian Eyewitness: I love photography and this app is a regularly updated showcase of The Guardian Newspaper’s most distinctive and unique photography.

10. WordPress: Yep that’s right an app so you can update your WordPress blog easily on the run.

What are your favourite apps?

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