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I have just returned from the media140 event in Sydney. Margaret Simons gives the perfect wrap up of the mood of the event. I must say that I agree with her that it did tend to get too caught up in nostalgia for the past and not enough on solutions for the future. That said there were a number of interesting points made by journalists for  journalists using Twitter (and to some extent other social media).

This list of tips was taken from presentations by  journalists using Twitter (including Latka Bourke @latikambourke, Dave Earley @earleyedition, Renai Lemay @RenaiLeMay, Leigh Sales @leighsales, Annabel Crabb @annabelcrabb)

1. Be honest – don’t creat a persona, be yourself

2. Don’t just parachute in – join the conversation, don’t just link/image/information trawl and leave

3. Give back – probably in line with the above but make sure if you are using information from these communities you give credit

4. Act with integrity – surely at all stages you should, but the journalists who spoke said it is particularly important within the social nuances of social networking sites.

5. Verify, verify, verify – again, surely this applies to all journalism but a number of speakers talked about the challenges of verifying information on sites like Twitter

What do you think? Are there any other tips for journalists on Twitter or other social networking sites?

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