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Media reporting on 2Day FM have just as much to answer for as Kyle

by  Foraggio Fotographic
by Foraggio Fotographic

I know, enough of Kyle Sandlilands and Jackie O already. The Australian media has responded  in a feeding frenzy of disgust  to the breakfast radio duo’s on-air stunt where  a 14-year-old girl was questioned about her sex life, which culminated with the girl revealing that she’d been raped when she was 12.

If that isn’t enough, then last night Media Watch dug the boot in referring to a previous on-air stunt where the radio show let a girl believe she wouldn’t see her long lost sister. They kept it going for an interminably long time and the girl is left sobbing uncontrollably on air. And this morning I open the Herald Sun to see that Kyle has now lost his lucrative Australian Idol gig after the latest stunt.

One point, that I am not sure I have seen mentioned, is the accountability for the self-righteous daily media who have all made the audio of the rape questioning scandal available to their readers/viewers under the guise of reporting the story. The Herald Sun, Sky News and The Punch (are the ones that I am aware of) all made the original audio available. I would argue that this is an equally questionable media practice. This is another case of the so-called ‘quality’ media (a self-imposed label as they throw moral judgements on the rest of the media) covering similar subject matter as the tabloids, but dressing it up as a report about what the tabloid sources are reporting.

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