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Why blog?

This is a question I get asked fairly regularly from students and from journalists in online/ multimedia training sessions. I have always thought that it is pretty obvious, but apparently not. So here are just a few reasons:

For indviduals

  • It is a great way to show a potential editor that a) you can write and b) you are passionate about it. Wordsmithlane is a great example of this.
  • It gets you writing everyday, interacting with the online world and developing new skills. This could be particularly important if you are an established journalist trying to upskill for the challenges a rapidly changing media world.
  • It is a great way to showcase your work. Rachel Hills does this particularly well.
  • The ‘unfinished’ and conversational nature of blogs has opened opportunities for journalists to test their work in public, fine-tune it for errors, and invite additional information. Talking Points Memo, one of the most successful investigative journalism blogs, frequently draws on its readership to pursue big stories.
  • It gets you a profile and the opportunity to network with other writers, editors and thinkers in your field

What do you think? Why should journalists blog?

One thought on “Why blog?

  1. I am a journalist student and I think it is important for students to blog. Each day I try to write on my blog to work and improve my writing. I also hope to inspire others with my work and develop a reader base.


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