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Continuing to enhance those multimedia skills

Things have been quite hectic for me lately. There is of course the marking, which any university lecturer will know completely overtakes all else at the end of the semester. I am also heading off on honeymoon next week so I am madly getting organised for that.

But enough of the excuses. Below are a list of links I have collected of late that I suggest you investigate at your own leisure as you continue your journey to multimedia proficiency. You can find all my links at my delicious.

A checklist for factors that affect rankings in Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other search engines. This seems to be increasingly important as editors start asking for this in copy.
Ignore the sexist language and this is a useful list of tips for gaining attention on Twitter
How to charge for video as a freelancer. This is a link to a US blog which discusses going rates there.
Keep on developing knowledge on how to report in a multimedia world. Lots of tips and how tos.
Some tips and tricks on using WordPress as a content management system, particularly as a portfolio.
How to create online video content without breaking the bank
Lots of free online tutorials and step by step guides to understanding a multimedia world

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