Developing multimedia proficiency

My Twitter is alive with Tweets on the fears of freelance journalists with News Ltd’s ‘National Features Initiative’. Aside from the centralising of a lot of content (and jobs it seems), it will also involve contributors ramping up their multimedia content. It seems journalists will now be expected to provide not only pics, but video and audio.

I recently lead two MEAA workshops aimed at upskilling journalists in this area and there will no doubt be more needed. But in the interim I will post my top five links that will help start your journey in multimedia proficiency:

Read these three blogs:

  1. Mindy McAdams posted a great 11-part series on vital multimedia skills. This is the final post – but if you scroll to the bottom you will find links to all.
  2. Take the journey with an American photo editor Colin Mulvany, who is exploring the possibilities of the online medium for storytelling at  Mastering Multimedia. In fact, I suggest taking a leaf out of Colin’s book and learn by doing – start your own blog.
  3. Keep up-to-date or even ahead of the game by reading about the latest online applications and tools at Mashable.

For more on using online tools, like RSS, to keep track of these blogs take a look at my notes from the MEAA workshop.

Take some free online courses:

The Knight Digital Media Center has a number of free online tutorials in all areas of multimedia storytelling.

The Poynter Institute’s NewsU offers heaps of free online courses – many in the multimedia area.

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