Budget – a day later and where is it

When media commentators whip themselves into a frenzy about the virtues of online journalism, the focus tends to be on the ability to break news. It is rare to focus on the ability of the online medium to archive. But the infinite space offered by the internet to house stories past and present is a fantastic asset. That is of course – if you can find those past stories.
The Federal Budget was announced on Tuesday night and yes it was covered adnorsium. But today, if you were to look online – perhaps thinking you may want to revisit some of the key announcements – it might be tough. If you were to head to the Herald Sun, you would easily find this fantastic overview complete with interactive calculator.

Herald Sun online budget coverage

But over at The Age and you will struggle to find it. I eventually found it – but only when I entered ‘the age’ and ‘federal budget’ into Google. I then find that it is hidden away under Business – apparently the Federal Budget isn’t of ‘national’ interest.

The Age online - budget coverage

We seem to be perpetually caught up in diatribe of the death of newspapers and therefore the death of journalism (only this morning at the RMIT Communicator of the Year breakfast, a panel consisting of Jonathan Green, Michael Smith and Jill Singer was lamenting the good old days of journalism) we seem to be undervaluing the potential of the online medium.

The online medium has so many benefits , just one of which is archiving, which journalism needs to be using better.

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